• In the 21st century, information technology (IT) has emerged as a driving force behind transformative changes across various industries and aspects of human life. From enhancing communication and streamlining business processes to revolutionizing healthcare and education, the influence of IT is undeniable. This article explores the multifaceted world of information technology, its impact on society, and its role in shaping our digital future. Being Info Tech Being Info Tech Being Info Tech

  • The Power of a Growth Mindset

    Dwecks book emphasizes that those who excel in fields didn't achieve success overnight. Many of them initially held fixed mindsets. We're able to accomplish things by adopting a growth mindset. The book highlights the impact our beliefs and mindset have on shaping our lives.

    Understanding the Differences in Mindsets

    Dweck explains that there are two types of mindsets; fixed and growth mindsets. A fixed mindset assumes that intelligence and personality traits are set in stone leading to a need for validation. On the hand a growth mindset believes that abilities can be developed through effort, strategies and learning from experiences. Read Scholars Read Scholars Read Scholars Read Scholars Read Scholars Read Scholars Read Scholars Read Scholars

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