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Update for v1.2.8

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......@@ -15,10 +15,22 @@ sound file. In its current version ISiS supports synthesis with 3 French singing
MS: a female mezzo-soprano pop singer, and
EL: a female soprano lyrical singer.
The current database files are version 1.1.0 and available in the release 1.2.7
Basic documentation is available [here](
## ChangeLog
ISiS v1.2.8
- added command line option --env_transposition_fac, configSynth transposition_env_exp: more natural singing quality by means of dynamic envelop transposition,
- faster synthesis (about 10-30%) byt means of improved FFT library and pulse parameter cache,
- signficiantly reduced memory requirement: now allows synthesizing very long sogs with constant memory,
- support storing of, and resynthesis from semi-symbolic XML files for F0 and loudness contours,
- added progress indicator to the pulse generation phase that may last rather long (30-80% of song duration).
### ISiS Version 1.2.7
- slightly imporved efficiency in pulse generator
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