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> - Retail Price: 99€ VAT included
> - [Premium Member]( Price: 60€ VAT included
> - Only available by downloading
> - [Technical Support](
> - Collaboration: [Ableton](
> - [buy](
> - [Technical Support](
- **IM-FXSequencer** includes 4 effects in the same [Max for Live]( device: a Delay line, a Freeze, a Transposer and a Ring Modulator. A step sequencer, synchronized on the Live tempo, trigs exponential Attack and Release envelopes and defines to which effects the signal has to be send on each step.
- **IM-MultibandDelay** uses an FFT processing to split the spectrum in 8 frequency bands and apply a different delay and feedback to each of them. It is also possible to set a different panning and volume for each bands. Automatic motions functions can be used to continually change the result of the transformation and create dynamic polyrhythm.
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